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Standard Operating Procedures for Voice Nets
Refer to Chapter 7 NTP-8 (D) FINAL

Communications Security (COMSEC) Training video
(6 lessons as of 19 MAR 2014) is now available. 
See link in the Training ToC below

WinLink Training is not covered in the Training and Skills Development area, see
"Winlink 2k info" in National Table of Contents.
Training and Skills Development

In the Beginning
Introduction for Students and Staff

COMSEC Video training
Correspondence Courses - General Info

Digital Modes Training

FEMA Courses & MARS

FLMSG for processing ICS or ARL/NTS formats (FLMSG.exe) is a very valuable helper application that works as a stand alone program for composing messages in the ICS213 or ARL/NTS Radiogram formats. It may take a few moments to load.

MARS Operator Course  (Tangos)

Navy MARS Operator (NMO)

Voice SOP

Taking the Tests

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Test Answer Sheet, get one (PDF file)

Official Correspondence Courses

FEMA Courses
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Essentials for New Staff Correspondence Course

Essentials for ECOM & Training Staff correspondence Course

MARS Operator Course (MOC)

NMO courses

Pages Primarily for Staff Members
But everyone is welcome
for Staff in General   ·   Intro for Training Staff   ·   Aspects of training   ·   Training Outlines   ·   Grading Correspondence Courses   ·   Correspondence Course Changes   ·   Classified/Restricted Courses
"Essentials for New Staff" Correspondence Course
"Essentials for ECOM & Training Staff" Correspondence Course

NTP-8 (D)

Area Operations Guides (AOG)

Other Links
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National NMC MARS home page

A service to those who are...
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Area Operations Guides (AOG)

Ops Guides are intended to amplify on NTP-8 based on special needs and circumstances within your Area, Region or State.  In case of conflict between an Ops Guide and NTP-8, the latter has priority.  Consult your State Four or State Director for guidance.

Each of the NMC MARS Areas has, or should have, an Area Operations Guide (AOG).  It will vary from Area to Area whether or not there are also Region or State ops guides (ROG and SOG respectively).   Additional information may be available on your Area, Region, or State web sites. Click here to check that out.

Every Area, Region, and State should have an ECOM plan that is separate; whether or not they have an Ops Guide. Contact your State Director for further information.  ECOM plans are generally more tactical than operational and therefore are not considered under training materials.  If you believe your ECOM plan conflicts with your Ops Guide or NTP-8, talk with your State Four or State Director about it.

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