Top 5 Best Bow Sights 2017: Bow Hunting Sight Reviews

Almost everyone knows what kind of sights go on rifles and other long guns. Some people even have some pistols that are equipped with specialized optics, even though that might be viewed as a bit much by the general population. Sights are also very important to have on bows as well. They are not exactly all the same, however, and it does take a bit of time to learn how to use them properly.

Some sights are better adapted for use as a target sight, while others are better adapted for hunting. Pay attention to all the details and make sure you have the right one to fit your needs in that area. Most sights are also of an ambidextrous nature, which means you can use them for right handed as well as left handed shooting, but again, it’s certainly something to look for and make sure of before you make your final purchase. For most items, you can call or email the manufacturer to make sure you are getting exactly what you need.

Best Bow Sight Reviews

Today we will be looking at five of the best bow sights on the market today, some of their differing features as well as similarities and how well they hold up and do what they are suppose to do. If you have previously been in the market for a bow sight, but have been unsure of which one to go with, we hope that this article serves you well in helping you decide which one to get.

Truglo Brite Site Extreme 5-Pin .029 Inch Sight Review

best single pin bow sightOur first item up for review is the Truglo Brite Site Extreme 5-Pin .029 Inch Sight. This 5 pin bow sight has a large circular field of view as well as an aperture of 2 inches in diameter. It is very easy to adjust and a good value for the money. It comes equipped with a light, as well, that runs off of LR 41 batteries.

While the light is great to have, especially at dusk and dawn, when deer move the most, it is also easy to leave on and forget, thus running down the batteries. Always make a mental note to turn it off when you are finished with it. The pin guard is composed of a lightweight composite material that features a glow in the dark shooter’s ring that will help align the peep sight. The metal is CNC machined for precision and is completely adjustable, whether you are a left handed or a right handed shooter.

There are clear markings for both elevation and windage and there is a level mounted into the bottom of the ring with two vertical bars so you can accurately tell when the sight is leveled properly. Measuring 9 x 6.2 x 3.8 inches, this sight weighs in at 7.8 ounces.

TRUGLO Archers Choice Range Rover Pro Green Dot Sight Review

best bow hunting sightNext, we have the TRUGLO Archers Choice Range Rover Pro Green Dot Sight. This slider sight has a handy adjustable yardage stop and features smooth elevation adjustment, so making changes when needed will be no problem at all. With a scope housing that has a half-inch circle with an illuminated green center dot, long range accuracy is greatly improved as well.

There are a total of eleven brightness settings that will allow you to adjust in any condition, no matter the temperature or weather situations. With over forty premarked yardage tapes and 2nd and 3rd axis adjustable illuminated level, this sight can be adjusted perfectly for either right handed or left handed shooters. The lens comes with a cover, which you can keep in place when ever you are not shooting that will keep out debris and moisture and prevent damage.

3 Pin Bow Sight by Great Deals LLC Review

best bow sight for the moneyNext, we have the 3 Pin Bow Sight by Great Deals LLC. Made from high quality 6061-T6 aluminum, this CNC machined 3 pin bow sight goes through a process of long tumbling in order to remove all machine markings. The three pins are made of brass and have a fiber optic diameter of .029 inches colored with green and red. This sight is also equipped with a level in the bottom of the circle that has two vertical bars, making leveling an easy process.

The three-pin bow sight is easily adjustable for either right handed or left handed shooters and has clear markings for both elevation and windage. This sight has all the specs of some of the higher priced models, yet is much more affordable and even sports a glow in the dark feature, which can really come in handy.

Not only is this a great sight to use on just about any bow, it can even be attached to a recurve bow and does a pretty good job, when mounted correctly. However, this sight is much more useful as a target sight than a hunting sight.

Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Sight Review

single pin bow sight reviewsThe Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Sight is the next item we will be reviewing. The Trophy Ridge has a high performance vertical pin, which allows for the sight’s incredibly precise adjustments. This translates to a better shot for you, once it is sighted in and ready to use. The Delrin bushings make way for a smooth, quiet movement with absolutely no metal-to-metal contact for a nice quiet hunt.

This sight is also equipped with glo indicator pins that can assist you in maintaining accuracy, even when conditions leave you with low or changing light that normally makes sighting quite a chore. The rheostat light makes it possible to adjust the brightness so as to suit any visibility conditions, so weather will hardly even be a factor at all with this sight. There is also maximum visibility attained through the ultra bright .019-inch medium vertical fiber optic pin. Since it does come equipped with a light, it is important that you remember to turn it off when you are finished with it, to prolong its life.

Trophy Ridge Volt 5-Pin Sight Review

top bow sightsNext, we have the Trophy Ridge Volt 5-Pin Sight. With five ultra bright .019-inch medium horizontal fiber optic pins for ultimate visibility, this sight gives you more confidence in your sighting abilities. The offset mounting holes mean that you have added customizability at the tips of your fingers, and the bubble level that is installed in the bottom of the circle allows you to properly align shots with absolute precision.

There is also a green hood accent that makes it easy to gain quick sight acquisition. Ambidextrous is also no problem with the reversible mount design, making it possible to be just as accurate shooting right handed as it is to shoot left handed. For proper adjustment and ultimate accuracy, this sight also includes laser etched aluminum windage, elevation and pin adjustments.

My Vote for Best Compound Bow Sights

Out of these top five best adjustable bow sights that we have reviewed, my top pick for personal favorite is going to be the Truglo Brite Site Xtreme 5-Pin .029 inch Sight. Of all the sights reviewed today, this one has the most amount of features for the best value.

The five pins give a definite boost to accuracy, as does the light, markings for the elevation and windage and the glow in the dark shooter’s ring. This model also has a nice large circle with a great field of view that doesn’t get crowded by the pins.

The level, while it does come on just about every sight, is easy to see with the two vertical bars, and is just as readable when shooting left handed as it is shooting right handed. The manufacturing is definitely high quality which means this product will last a good long while. This is a great feature because, as most hunter’s know, once you get used to a particular sight, you certainly don’t want to change it.