Top 5 Best EMP Devices 2017: EMP Devices Reviewed

Electromagnetic Pulse Protection Devices are popular among survivalist and those who like to be prepared for natural disasters. These devices, also called EMP devices, can protect all kinds of electronic devices and tools, such as radios, cell phones, and even keyless entry fobs for vehicles.

Those serious about preparing for natural disasters and protecting against EMP, which results from nuclear weaponry, might find products that will help to protect their electronics from these Electromagnetic Pulse waves to be very helpful.

What is an EMP?

An Electromagnetic Pulse can occur after the launch of nuclear weapons, and since they detonate so high up in our atmosphere, it can cause a widespread knock out of all electronic devices, causing them to stop functioning altogether.

This is where Electromagnetic Pulse Protection Devices come in handy—they will provide protection from EMP, allowing your electronic devices to function as normal, as long as they were shielded from the Electromagnetic Pulse when it occurred.

Many of these protective cases are called Faraday Cages, and they come in all shapes and sizes to protect all sorts of electronic items.

Best EMP Protection Devices

Featured here are some of the top ways to protect against EMP, along with a brief introduction to each item, as well as the price, pros and cons of each.

At the end of each description, there will a bulleted list that will allow you to compare the features of these products.

Included in this list are:

  • Type: What the product is categorized as
  • Uses: What item the product is intended for
  • Size and Weight: How big the product is, and how much it weighs
  • Weatherproof: Whether the product can resist weather such as rain

FobGuard Faraday Cage EMP

emp boxA FobGuard is a small Faraday cage that is created solely for the purpose of protecting keyless entry fobs for vehicles. The FobGuard is made of high quality material that will keep your car’s keyless entry fob safe through an Electromagnetic pulse, or even safe from thieves from gaining access into your vehicle.

The FobGuard also protects against accidental button pushes that will allow you to unlock your car doors involuntarily, giving others the chance to get into your vehicle.

Priced at only $30, this tool is a great choice for those who wish to keep their vehicle safe and their key fob in working order.

The FobGuard can also keep credit cards and other important pieces of information. The FobGuard is slim and compact, allowing it to fit easily into your pocket or bag. The tough material makes it durable and long-lasting.

  • Type: Electromagnetic Pulse Protection Device
  • Uses: Keeps vehicle key fob and credit cards safe
  • Size and Weight: Size: 5.1 x 3.3 x 0.2 inches, Weight: 0.3 ounces
  • Weatherproof: No

Black Hole Faraday Bag

faraday cage empPriced at only $32, the Black Hole Faraday Bag is a great tool to have on hand to protect your electronic devices, such as key fobs for your vehicle, iPods, cellular phones, smartphones, GPS systems, and radios.

The material that the bag is constructed from is high quality and will shield the contents of the bag from WiFi signals, Bluetooth signals, GPS signals, and even cellular signals.

These bags are easy to use – just place your smartphone or other device into the bag, roll the bag down two times, and your items will be protected from signals and Electromagnetic Pulses.

The water resistant bag is made in the United States and is popular among survivalists and those looking to protect their things from Electromagnetic Pulses if the need to do so should arise.

  • Type: Electromagnetic Pulse Protection Device
  • Uses: Keeps cellular phones, smartphones, credit cards, key fobs, and other smaller electronic devices safe
  • Size and Weight: Size: 4.25” x 7.5”, Weight: 3.5 ounces
  • Weatherproof: Yes

EMP Defender Blackout Bags, 10 Piece Survivalist Kit

emp attack protectionAt only roughly $40, the EMP Defender Blackout Bags 6 Piece Survivalist Kit is a great value for what you receive. The kit, which comes with 6 bags of different sizes, containing exactly what you need to prepare for an Electromagnetic Pulse.

The bags are of Faraday Cage design, made from high grade multiple layer anti static shield, have a five-layer aluminium design, and are heavy duty to ensure your belongings stay protected.

The bags have a zip lock design, so that they are easy to open and reseal without tearing the bags. While they are not designed to block cellular signals or WiFi signals, they will properly protect your belongings from an Electromagnetic Pulse.

The value of the bags is unbeatable compared to others, and you get enough to share with your whole family.

  • Type: Electromagnetic Pulse Protection Device
  • Uses: Keeps laptops, cellular phones, tablets, and hard drives safe
  • Size and Weight: Size: 18 x 3 x 3 inches, Weight: 5 ounces
  • Weatherproof: No

EDEC Black Hole Faraday Duffel Bag

faraday cage plansTrusted by the United States military, the EDEC Black Hole Duffel Bag is a $259 bag that provides plenty of space to shield your electronics from Electromagnetic Pulse, as well as giving them protection from WiFi signals, GPS signals, and Bluetooth signals.

The bags were originally designed for use by the United States military and for law enforcement officers and forensics teams. The spacious bag can fit laptops, tablets, cellular phones, hard drives, GPS systems, and other electronic devices. It is also great for putting electronics already in Faraday style bags into this larger bag, because it adds another layer of protection on top of the smaller bags.

The high quality material on the outer of the bag is water resistant, and will aid in keeping your belongings dry, wherever your journey may take you.

  • Type: Electromagnetic Pulse Protection Device
  • Uses: Keeps laptops, tablets, cellular phones, and hard drives safe
  • Size and Weight: Size: 18 x 13 x 5 inches, Weight: 1.8 pounds
  • Weatherproof: Yes

Ska Direct Cell Phone Privacy Protection Bag

aluminum faraday cageThe Ska Direct Cell Phone Privacy Bag is a low cost way to protect your cell phone against Electromagnetic Pulses that will can cause the device to stop working. At only $9, the bag comes in both black and pink, so you can choose a color that works better for you, and it’s the right size to also be used as a wallet.

The bag protects from radiation, signals, WiFi, and GPS tracking, enabling your phone and your privacy to remain just that – private.

The bag is large enough to fit the most popular models of phones, including Samsung, HTC, and Apple products, and yet small enough to slip into your purse, duffel bag, or bug out bag.

  • Type: Electromagnetic Pulse Protection Device
  • Uses: Keeps cell phones, bank and credit cards, and key fobs safe
  • Size and Weight: Size: 4.7 x 2 x 0.4 inches, Weight: 0.3 ounces
  • Weatherproof: No

My Vote For the Best EMP Protection Device

There are a great deal of EMP devices available on the market, and they all promise to keep your technological devices safe from EMP waves, should the need to keep them safe occur. Many of them can also be used to prevent signals, WiFi, and Bluetooth from being transmitted.

Depending on the reason you are purchasing these bags, and whom you are purchasing them for (just you, or more than one person?), I have to cast my vote for the best Electromagnetic Pulse protection device to be the EMP Defender Blackout Bags 6 Piece Survivalist Kit. You get six bags of various sizes, and they don’t cost a significant amount of money to purchase.

While they do not block out all signals, the way that other products on the list do, I believe that this is a smart choice for the money. It does the job, protecting against EMP, and you get multiple sizes for everyone in your family.