Top 5 Best Archery Targets: Bow and Arrow, Crossbow Target Reviews

When you decide to take up archery, there is one thing for sure: you will need to practice and practice often, if you plan to be any good. Shooting a bow is an entirely different experience than shooting a gun and taking aim is different as well. It takes time to learn where to sight, how to look down the arrow and which sight to line up with your target. There is a great deal that depends on how far away your target is and you will need to learn to estimate information such as that as well.

There are a great many ways that you can choose to practice archery. Some people utilize a shooting range for such times, while others simply put up a homemade target. The problem with homemade targets, however, is that unlike bullets, you have to retrieve your arrows once they are fired. Homemade targets tend to let the arrow pierce completely through, causing you to spend more on arrows in the long run.

Best Archery Target Reviews

It is with that very thing in mind that we have put together a list of the five best archery targets for your practicing. These targets will catch and hold your arrows, not only allowing you to retrieve them with ease, but you will also be better able to see if you hit your mark or not.

Morrell Supreme Range Field Point Archery Bag Target Review

large archery targetsNext, we have the Morrell Supreme Range Field Point Archery Bag Target that weighs in at fifty pounds and is made for all age ranges. Built to last and brutally tough, the Morrell Supreme Range features a brightly colored target on one side, with black, blue, red and yellow colorings, while the other side features 4 smaller red and yellow targets for more precise aiming and targeting.

While you can set this target up on the ground or anywhere else there is level ground, it also comes with grommets that allows you to hang this target from a tree or a stand as well. The center of this target contains a nucleus that has superb arrow stopping power and the use of a patented Multi-Layered Density Design and Internal Frame System give this target extended life that surpasses many other comparable targets of this type.

This target is completely 100% weatherproof, so it can be left outside no matter what the weather offers and it makes a great target for training for the NASP Program.

Field Logic Black Block CB16 Crossbow Archery Target Review

best archery target reviewsThe Field Logic Black Block CB16 Crossbow Archery Target is a four-sided target that works especially well for field tips and broadheads. It contains a dense core that is best suited for stopping high-speed crossbow bolts and features the patented PolyFusion design, which gives this target the longest possible target life.

The color scheme of the Field Logic is a black base with white markings for a high contrast easy-to-hit target that you will enjoy making use of often. Such a high contrast also makes it easy to practice accuracy from further away. Recessed GripPit handles make for easy arrow removable, which is a plus with this kind of archery target, however the deeper the arrows go, the harder they are to get out. They do require a sure grip, a twisting motion for the duration of the pull out and a little patience.

With a 16 by 16 inch face, you will have plenty of room on this target to practice your accuracy with a crossbow, which will definitely show the next time you go hunting.

Morrell Yellow Jacket F/P Bag Target Review

best crossbow targetsNext up is the Morrell Yellow Jacket F/P Bag Target. This target is a field-point target with a multilayered design that makes it easy to remove arrows lodged inside. The internal frame technology system has a sound integrity that maintains its shape well against repeated arrow strikes. It features an E-Z Tote carry handle that makes transporting and moving it simple and easy and the bright colors give you the ability to take aim with ease.

The Morrell Yellow Jacket is made in the United States and is ultra-durable making it one of the longest lasting target bags that you can get. Morrell features an exclusive Internal Frame System that creates consistent depth for a great arrow stopping ability even to the outer edges of the target.

Rated for all field point use, it is the perfect size to be easily transported, it is completely waterproof and it is perfect for using at home, at camp or anywhere you want to do a little extra target practicing. It even has grommets, making it easy to hang from a tree or stand for a different targeting experience. Even after repeated use and hundred of arrow penetrations, this target will still stop them as it did when it was brand new.

Field Logic Shooter Buck 3D Archery Target 71600 Review

best archery target for the moneyThe Field Logic Shooter Buck 3D Archery Target 71600 is one of the best 3D archery targets on the market today and is perfect for any serious deer hunter that enjoys hunting with a bow. Featuring a handy weather resistant design, it has a shoulder height of 31 inches and is completely weather resistant.

This target has replaceable closed-cell compression and arrows can easily be removed with one hand as well as removable legs, giving you the ability to practice aiming at deer that may be resting or lying down.

This target has an insert that is about 25% bigger than many of the other targets like it and includes ground stakes for holding it steady in the wind and weather. With 125-inch antlers, this realistic target is sure to make you a better hunter.

This is great to use as a compound bow target to practice for deer season.

Field Logic Youth Block GenZ Open Target Review

crossbow targetsThe first archery target we will look at is the Field Logic Youth Block GenZ Open Target. This target is specifically designed with the young archer in mind and is intended for catching arrows launched from a bow with about 40 pounds of draw weight of less.

It is portable, easy to use just about anywhere and withstands the elements with ease. Its use of legendary layered technology and a high contrast white on black design make it a remarkable target for sighting in a new bow or checking the sights on a bow that has seen a lot of use. This layered technology also means that you can remove arrows easier and it will withstand just about any type of arrow tip you can launch at it.

It has a long target life as well, which means you can use the Field Logic block target over and over again without worrying that it will break down and compromise the integrity of your shooting. This target makes it easy for your young archer to hone their bow shooting skills and targeting ability to accomplish amazing accuracy in their shots.

My Vote for Best Bow Target

Overall, my top pick for personal favorite of these five great archery targets is the Morrell Supreme Range Field Point Archery Bag Target. One of the main reasons an archer practices shooting is for accuracy and this target definitely fits the bill in that department.

On the one side, there is one single round target, which takes up the entire side of this target. This would be a great place to start, especially for a beginner, who then could move to the opposite, which features 4 smaller targets of yellow and red. With good visibility, one could achieve a great accuracy with these. To make it even more of a challenge you can turn it again to the side, which is about one-fourth the size of the front panel.

So this target can encompass archers from beginner to advanced, all the while making a better marksman of any of these. The technology that allows this target to maintain a long lifespan with repeated use also makes it worth the money, since you know you will not be replacing it too soon.

That said, you will want to buy a crossbow specific target if you are looking for a crossbow target. Crossbows have a higher pull on them, so you will want to get the crossbow target we have listed above.

And while you can use archery target bags for practice with deer hunting, it’s always best to get a 3D target to mimic the real thing.