Top 5 Best Bowfishing Bows 2017: Bows for Bowfishing Reviews

Hunting and fishing are two of the most practiced sporting hobbies that there are out there today, but fishing definitely takes the lead. Not only is it allowed year round, you can take many more fish than you can most other animals. People of all ages go fishing, sometimes even making a vacation out of it in groups with friends and family. Ideas vary on tactics, gear, and the best places to fish, so the fishing advice you get from one person can vary greatly from advice you will get from someone else.

The same thing is true for the advice you will get on what to fish with as well. One person swears by a certain brand name pole, another believes that the best way to catch the big ones is by setting up a trot line, while yet others will tell you of their own favorite methods. Bow fishing is one of the methods that is quickly catching on but rarely spoken of in large numbers. It can be highly affective once you have learned the proper techniques and you may come to love it.

What is the Best Bowfishing Bow?

Now, we are going to go over the top five of the best bowfishing bows on the market today, with a little information and specs on each of them, so that you will have a better idea how they all differ when you go to purchase your very own.

Precision Shooting Equipment Discovery 30-40 Bowfishing Package Review

bowfishing kits for saleFinally, we are going to look at the Precision Shooting Equipment Discovery 30-40 Bowfishing Package with Muzzy Kit. Featuring a 31.5-inch axle-to-axle length and a draw length range of up to 30 inches, this USA-made metal bow comes in a delightful DK Bowfishing camo pattern.

The Muzzy kit comes with one Muzzy spin reel and seat, one snap shot rest, on fish stick arrow, a safety stop an a safety slide. While this is one of the more expensive bowfishing packages that we have looked at today, it could be that it is well worth the money.

Considering factors such as size, smooth draw weight that remains constant for every user, a nice Muzzy kit that comes standard in this package and definitely the fact that this beauty can also be used as a standard bow by simply removing the reel.

The possibilities with this bowfishing rig are endless when it comes to the different types of game you can bring home and stock up on. Even though this is a fairly lightweight bow, it still packs enough punch to bring in some good sized fish with little effort. Reviewers all seem to agree, you could spend more money, but you certainly do not have to, with access to this kit.

PSE Kingfisher Right Hand Bow Fishing Kit in Camo Review

cheap bowfishing bows for saleNext, we have the PSE Bowfishing Kit in Camo. This bowfishing recurve model comes only for right-handed anglers and only in an all season camo finish.

Measuring 31 inches long, this PSE bowfishing pacakge comes complete with the Kingfisher bow in 40, 45 and 50 pound draws, a front mounting reel equipped with fifty feet of 80 pound test line on it, 2 fiberglass arrows and a snap shot rest.

This bow will bring in just about any fish, big or small, fighter or not, and with much more ease than a standard rod and reel set as well as easily transforming into a regular recurve bow for shooting other types of game, if you should choose to do so.

There is some noise associated with the string slapping the limbs and if this is a problem for you, it can be rectified by simply taping some Velcro onto the limbs and adding string dampeners. Big enough to take down some big fish, this bowfishing recurve bow will really stand the test of time and the abuse that comes with it.


Cajun Archery Fish Stick #45 Bowfishing Package Review

fishing bow kitNext up is the Cajun Archery Fish Stick #45 Bowfishing Package by Escalade Sports. With a 45 pound peak draw weight with a take down design, this 56 inch long bow features a machined aluminum riser and comes with a drum reel and line, a roller rest, an arrow featuring a piranha point and blister buster finger savers.

The aluminum riser, which is made of high-grade aluminum, and the composite limbs are manufactured specifically to stand up to the inevitable abuse that bow fishing deals out. A good choice for all the big fish, this package has everything you need to get you going.

Some assembly is required in this bowfishing kit. You will need to attach the reel to the arm of the bow. One good aspect to this particular item is that, should you decide not to fish with it at times, it can be used as a regular recurve bow for hunting other game as well. This is definitely a product that can get some year round use.


Cajun Bowfishing Sucker Punch Bow Package Review

bowfishing packageOur next item up for review is the Cajun Bowfishing Sucker Punch Bow Package Ready To Fish. You can purchase this great bow for either right handed or left handed use, which makes it a great choice. It has a 7.25 inch brace height and measures 35.25 from axle to axle with 50 pounds of peak draw weight.

Some of the great features you will find on this model include a flying biscuit arrow rest, Cajun blister buster finger pads, a Cajun Hybrid fishing reel and two white fiberglass piranha arrows. This Cajun fishing bow staves off rust quite well, so that getting water on it does not pose a huge problem. Do be sure to dry it or let it stand to dry when you are finished fishing.

This Cajun has one of the best bowfishing reels on the market today, and this package comes to you, ready to fish, so that you will spend less time fussing with your equipment and more time doing what you love.


Arrow Precision Frenzy Bowfishing Set Review

best bow for bowfishingTo round out or list, let’s look at the Arrow Precision Frenzy Bowfishing Set. Measuring 42 inches at its longest point, this bow has a draw weight of 40 pounds and draw length that can be extended up to 31 inches.

With a twin F4 wheel system, you will get quick release snap shots and a constant draw weight, so no need to worry whether or not you are getting it right. This bow is compact, lightweight and features a textured non-slip grip, CNC machined wheel as well as a roller rest.

This bow fishing set will really make fishing fun for the whole family, all without the need for adjusting differently for each family member. You will get an ultra smooth draw, each and every time. And of course, with a different arrow rest, this bow can be transformed into a regular arrow shooting bow for taking other game as well, making this an actual combo set. You can even mount a sight onto this bow if you would like.

My Vote for Best Fishing Bow

compound bow fishingOf these five top bowfishing bows reviewed today, my personal pick for top favorite is going to be the Precision Shooting Equipment Discovery Bowfishing Bow.

While it is on the more expensive side of the bows we’ve looked at, you have to look at factors such as an all metal bow, as opposed to composite and plastic bows, as well as the Muzzy kit that comes with it.

For its size and weight, it packs as much punch as bows you might pay twice as much or more for and can take a huge variety of fish as well. Another thing I really like about this bow is that it can also be used as a regular bow to take other game with. Others can do this as well, but this seems to be a sturdy bow that can really stand up to the task of both bow fishing as well as regular bow hunting.