Top 5 Best Deer Attractants 2017: Whitetail Deer Lures, Attractant Reviews

Deer attractant could be one of the most important aspects to any deer hunter out there. While a deer cam can give you an idea of what kind of deer are passing by and frequenting your hunting area, you might still be worried as to whether they are simply passing by or coming in to stay for awhile. You could also go out and personally scout your area, looking for tracks, rut signs, scrapes and droppings, but that still leaves you with something missing.

And that is where deer attractant comes into play. When you place a good, quality deer attractant, you know that it will bring deer out from their comfort zones and exactly to the place you want them to be. Once they begin to feel comfortable, more will show up, and even after the attractant is gone, they will still come, looking for more of what they like. The right attractant paired with the right placement can mean the difference between bringing home that trophy deer or not.

What is the Best Deer Attractant?

So keeping all of that in mind, today we are going to review five of the top selling deer attractants. Hopefully, this article will help you learn a few valuable tidbits to help you hone down your choice and know exactly which one you would like to have yourself.

Lucky Buck PoundM20 Apple Flavored Deer Mineral and Attractant Review

best deer lureOur first item is the Lucky Buck PoundM20 Apple Flavored Deer Mineral and Attractant. Getting the big ones cannot always be left up to luck and chance, in which case there is Lucky Buck.

You can save big by purchasing the twenty-pound bucket to supplement the diet of the deer in your area. Not only will you then have healthier deer, but they will also develop bigger and better racks. This formula has been developed by experts, having the perfect ratio of minerals that deer from every corner of the globe have come to love.

This particular formula contains an ingredient that limits the amount they want to eat. This is in stark contrast to competitor’s formulas that often contain grain and molasses that can lead to one deer overeating so that there is none left for other deer. I could not be easier to put this attractant out. Simply dump it out on the ground or a tree stump, or anywhere you might think the deer will be coming through and drawn to it. Putting it out year round is the optimal way to use this product, as the deer will be use to getting it and know where to come to in order to do so.

Deer Attractant Hunting Spray Review

best buck attractantNext, we have the Deer Attractant Hunting Spray from Tingley’s Northland, in a four-ounce bottle. Tingley’s has been in the business of providing 100% deer attractant scents since 1940 and that same great product is now available in a convenient four-ounce bottle that you can use prior to going out, as well as reapplying while you’re on the hunt or in the stand.

These are 100% pure deer urine and musk gland lures have no other additives or preservatives. Deer simply cannot resist the allure of pure doe estrous urine, buck urine, musk and more. This special 2-pack “Hunters Packs” will even provide you with complimentary scents that are sure to improve your hunt. Trying different scents are sure to bring the deer in for a closer sniff and reduce the chances that they will run away.


Evolved Habitats Buck Licker Sweet Acorn Review

best deer attractant foodNext, we have Evolved Habitats Buck Licker Sweet Acorn attractant. These deer mineral lick blocks have extra amounts of calcium and phosphorous, which are beneficial mineral nutrients that all deer need. They are also saturated with a taste that deer not only love, but also crave and will return for, time and time again.

This particular mineral lick comes in a juicy, gel like consistency that is chocked full of sweet flavor and minerals. Deer are immediately attracted to the area where these are and will begin enjoying it as soon as they find it. The aroma is intense and intended to attract deer, while the flavor keeps the deer come back every time.

Buck Licker serves a dual purpose in that it will certainly draw deer into the area and keep them coming back for more, but it is also a food bait which deer can use daily as a source of food and energy. Be careful to watch the weather before you put them out however, as they do melt a bit in the rain. If you have some type of cover under which to put them, this would surely be best. Otherwise, just make sure you watch the weather.

Mad Buck Innovations Deer Corn Brick Feeder Review

best deer feed attractantNext on our list is the Mad Buck Innovations Deer Corn Brick Feeder. This corn brick feeder is a unique new formula that comes in apple or acorn scent and absolutely drives deer crazy for almost instant results.

To bring the deer in, simply remove the foil liner from the packaging, place it within 500 feet of your favorite area, and watch them start coming in quickly. The two-pound brick lasts until the deer consume the very last kernel and it will not spoil or mildew in the weather.

On the other hand, you can simply pick it up and take it home with you when you are done hunting for the day. Depending on how many deer you have coming through, you can expect this brick to last about two weeks, so plan ahead and order more. This is not only a great product for yourself as a hunter, but also a great gift idea. We all know those men who seem to have everything, but the sure bet is, this will definitely get some use, no matter who you gift it to.


Buck Nut Deer Scents Combo Pack Deer Scent and Lures Review

best mineral lick for deerFinally, we come to a two pack of Buck Nut Deer Scents Combo Pack Deer Scent and Lures. Rated as Bow and Archery Hunting’s Best Deer Scent of 2016, this is a proven combination for vastly improving your hunting success. This 100% all-natural whitetail deer hunting scent can be used alone or used in combination with other attractant measures such as pads, bombs, drags and blocks.

A good way to use this two pack is to use the Peak Rut buck urine in combination with the Peak Estrous doe urine, which can mimic a buck following a doe that gives you a greater chance of landing that big buck after all. This scent is sure to last a good long while and works great at drawing the big ones right into shooting range.

You can use this deer attractant all season long. These deer scents are collected from calm and completely farm raised deer and has been tested 100% in deep woods tests with excellent results. If you really want to give your hunt a boost this season, this is one of the best ways to do it.

My Vote for Best Deer and Buck Attractant

Now that we have looked at five of the best deer attractants on the market today, I have to say that my top pick for personal favorite is going to be the Lucky Buck Apple Flavored Deer Mineral and Attractant.

For the money in relation to the results, it is hard to beat this one. Not only does it draw in the big deer from further away as you put this out, literally anywhere, it also helps to nourish them and provide them with needed energy and minerals.

Another added bonus to this particular product is that it contains an ingredient that will limit how much they want to eat, meaning that they will not overeat, nor will they eat up everything, leaving nothing for other deer that might come along.

If you are looking for the best whitetail deer attractant on the market today, you cannot go wrong with this choice. That said, all of these are great products and are deer attractants that work.