Top 5 Best Deer Skinning Knives 2017: Deer Skinning Knife Reviews

There are many people out there today who do not realize that there are certain knives best suited for certain jobs. There might be times when the job at hand calls for a serrated edge while others jobs might not need serration or may even be damaged by it. Some jobs might call for a curved blade while others call for a straight one.

These days there are, luckily, just as many knives as there are jobs for them to do. However, it does sometimes take some looking before you find the one that is right for you.

Best Skinning Knife Reviews

Today, we are going to focus on one certain kind of knife, however, and that knife is used for skinning purposes. We will be reviewing five of the best deer skinning knives on the market today, outlining their features and looking at how they may be alike as well as different.

Hopefully, if you are in the market for a skinning knife, you will find one here that will do the trick for you.

SOG Specialty Knives and Tools Huntspoint Fixed Blade Knife Review

hunting skinning knivesNext up is the SOG Specialty Knives and Tools Huntspoint Fixed Blade Knife. This is a fixed blade knife with a straight edge 3.6-inch AUS-8 steel blade that has a drop point blade with a satin finish. Designed especially for tasks that include boning, this fixed blade delivers a quick, deep puncture that makes quick work of nearly all game. The full, extended tang featured an enlarged lanyard hole, which makes for ease of carrying and portability.

This knife was noted by Field and Stream Magazine as a best deer hunting knife of 2013. The orange handle is finger grooved and made of glass-reinforced nylon with a rubber overmold to keep your grip from slipping and the coloring makes it hard to leave behind by not seeing it lying in the field. It includes a nice leather sheath that has a belt loop attachment as well as carrying a limited lifetime warranty.

Featuring well-known style and performance, these gutting knives are dependable, unique and have received awards and recognition worldwide as well as being favored among law enforcement, military and industrial customers for their performance despite tough, adverse conditions.

Buck Knives 113 Skinner Fixed Blade Knife Review

best knife for skinningNext, we have the Buck Knives 113 Skinner Fixed Blade Knife. This Buck skinning knife comes with a leather sheath and is available in black and silver or wood and brass coloring, as well as being made in the United States of America.

The four-inch extra wide 420HC steel blade is perfect for skinning, with its narrow tip and curved belly that work so well together in getting through thick layers and holds an edge very well. In addition to doing a great job skinning just about any game, this knife does not even need sharpening during a pig slaughter, one of the toughest skinning jobs of all.

At just over eight inches for an overall length, this knife only weighs 4.3 ounces with black phenolic handle and aluminum pommel guard. This knife comes with the Buck Forever Warranty so your peace of mind is insured, no matter what.

Knives Ranch Fixed Blade Knife with Ram Horn Handle Review

skinning knives for saleThe Knives Ranch Fixed Blade Knife with Ram Horn Handle is last but not least. This deer cleaning knife has an overall length of 7.5 inches with a blade length of 3.5 inches and an overall thickness of 5/32”. It is important to note that Knives Ranch Damascus Steel knives are handmade to custom order, so there are likely to be slight variations in the steel patterns or handle details.

This high quality knife is constructed of forged Damascus steel and resilient alloys that give it a unique look paired with amazing durability. The sportsman and the rancher alike with have no compromises when using this knife. Skilled, specialized artisans use the most rigorous standards to make sure that the carbon steel is stacked in sheets, treated with up to 1560-degree heat and forged with a hammer. This process is repeated four times until 176 layers of high quality steel have created your knife. Use of the highest standards assures that you will never have to worry about your knife not performing as it should.

This knife also comes with a leather cowboy horizontal sheath, keeping it safe from other elements when not in use. This model is also available with a bone handle, as per your choice, with all the same durability and safety that you expect.

Havalon Baracuta-Blaze Deer Skinning Knife Review

buck skinning knivesFirst, we will be looking at the Havalon Baracuta-Blaze Skinning Knife. When you purchase this knife, you will be getting the knife, five extra blades and a snap closure holster. The extra blades mean that you only have to carry one knife instead of five separate ones, as each blade does something different. The instructions for changing the blades are included and they are easy to understand and follow.

This particular model has dimensions of 10.4 x 2 x 5, weighs 0.3 ounces, and is perfect for the hunter who needs a large hunting knife for skinning and boning as well as filleting fish. Since this knife is razor sharp, it will ease your mind to know that it features a lock blade design. The bright coloring of the handle also makes it easy to see so that there is less chance that you will leave it lying behind because you did not see it.

The lightweight military grade polymer handle also has black rubber inserts that create a better grip and is easily cleaned. Ambidextrous thumb studs mean that you can open this knife quickly and easily no matter which hand you prefer and the liner lock construction means extra safety for the user. With this knife, you will not have to stop and sharpen a blade in the middle of skinning and some reviewers have even stated that have cleaned and gutted multiple animals before a sharpening is needed.

Havalon Piranta Z Folding Blade Skinning Knife Review

best gutting knifeNext, we take a look at the Havalon Piranta Z Folding Blade Skinning Knife. This deer gutting knife has an open length of 7.25 inches and features a black zytel military plastic handle that you can order in either black or orange.

The Havalon Piranta has one of the sharpest edges in field dressing and skinning with razor sharp dependability all in a folding design. The wide handle is easy to grip and offers just the right amount of control. You do not even have to worry about sharpening a blade, as you only need to snap in a new one for a brand new start. Season after season, this knife will be one of the sharpest in your kit. It is popular among taxidermists as well, with its precision sharpness and blade replacement ability.

Other features include rubber side panels for comfort, thumb studs for one-handed opening, a liner lock for safety, a lanyard hole or portability and a pocket clip. Lightweight and easy to use, this knife is the perfect addition to your field gear and many people prefer it to bigger knives, as it works just as well.

My Vote for Best Skinning Knife for Deer

hunting knives reviewsOf these five, my overall pick for top personal favorite is the SOG Specialty Knives and Tools Huntspoint Fixed Blade Knife. This knife has an excellent straight edge that is just the right length for more than one job, with a drop point and glass reinforced handle that features finger grooves as well as a lanyard hole.

The lanyard hole comes in handy, not only for carrying when you don’t have a sheath with you, but on a longer lanyard, it gives you the opportunity to cut with it and then simply drop it while not using it, then simply picking it back up again since it is so close and always with you.

The AUS-8 steel fixed blade is strong and durable, gaining it due recognition in Field and Stream magazine as well as being a favorite among law enforcement and military personnel as well.