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An Important Note to Directors and Training Staff

Important Note to Students Start here!
Test Answer Sheets
Submitting Test Answer Sheets
Grading of tests
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A passing grade is 3.4 or higher on a standard 0-4 scale.

(Training staff please also see
"Intro for Training Staff" and
Grading Correspondence courses")

To Students
If you are new to Navy-Marine Corps MARS, been away for a while, or just want to brush up on the basics, the MARS Operator Course (MOC) is for you.  It doesn't matter whether you spent a career in the military handling communications, have lots of years of experience handling traffic on the Amateur bands, worked in communications somewhere else, or have never handled messages before.  This course will give you the basic information on how MARS operates.  It is about more than just traffic handling.  It includes an overview of MARS, how the program is structured, who's who, your chain of command, and where to find more information.

Important! Please read completely or you may not get proper credit

The MARS Operator Course is an evolution from the original MCI course developed for Navy-Marine Corps MARS by the Marine Corps Institute.  It is upon their foundation that we continue to build and maintain this training program.  We continue to express our gratitude to the U.S. Marine Corps Institute for the hard work they put into developing the first correspondence course specifically for Navy-Marine Corps MARS.

The MOC consists of seven units.  There are multiple lessons in each unit.  

There is a review test. The review test must be successfully completed before you can submit the final exam for grading.  Review tests are normally graded at the state level by your State Four.  Check with your training staff or state director for the policy and practice in your locale.  

The student may take the final exam after successful completion of the review .  Once completed the final exam answer sheet must be submitted to the area Four for grading. If your Area FOUR position is currently vacant check with your training staff.  The only persons authorized to possess the answer key for the final exam are the: Area Director, Area ONE, Area FOUR, NNN0ASN, and Chief MARS.  Do Not send answer sheets for grading to ASN or Chief MARS.  They will be returned ungraded.   Be sure you have filled out the top of the answer sheet completely, accurately, and legibly, or you may not receive proper credit.

A passing grade is 3.4 or higher on a standard 0-4 scale.

  Answer Sheet
See next paragraph.  Please use the current Test Answer Sheet form.

By far, the most preferred way to send your test answer sheets is save it on your computer then e-mail to the grading authority.  Snail mail or FAX is discouraged as it costs us additional money and it will delay the process.  If you have a scanner and prefer to e-mail it to the grading authority you can print it, scan it, or simply save as a file and e-mail.

Make sure the scanned file size is the smallest possible while maintaining readability.

You must include all indicated information on the answer sheet spaces.  Don't forget the course title AND the assignment.  For example:

Course title                            Assignment

MARS Operator Course        Review Test

MARS Operator Course         Final Exam

Submitting your answer sheets
See "Answer Sheet" below

Students who do not have access to the internet
Directors and training staff are welcome to download the web version of the study materials, tests, and answer sheets and provide them in whatever media a student can use.  Just be sure it is the most recent version.  Check the version number and date with the web version. You can download a zip file that contains everything you need for this course. Click here to download

Currently the MOC is on line in a series of PDF files.  They require Adobe Reader software to view.  Adobe Reader is a free program, if you don't have it, or you need a more current version click here to obtain it.

Note the PDF file has some tabs along the left side.  Clicking on these tabs will open the respective function.  If the column is already open, clicking on the same (highlighted) tab will close the left column. The course itself will then appear in larger print and be easier to read.

  Grading of the MARS Operator Course  
Normally the State FOUR will grade the review test.  This can be delegated to someone else by the state director.

The final exam is graded by the Area Four.  In the absence of an Area Four, the Area One or Area Director shall assume responsibility for grading them.  This can not be delegated to Region or State directors, or any other staff except as authorized by Chief MARS on a case by case basis.

  CD download
If you previously downloaded this course be sure to delete all the MOC files in that directory before extracting the new files.  Some file names have changed.

CAUTION! The zip file of the MOC is over 1MB.  Depending on your download speed, it may take a few minutes.  (Click here to start the download)

Note to directors and training staff:  
If you have the course and exams on CD be sure you are distributing the latest version of this course. 
The most recent version is V.5.00 dated 19 FEB 2012.  If yours is older be sure to download new ones. 
Changes did not affect the correct choices in the existing answer key.

  To begin the MARS Operator Course

MOC Table of contents
MOC Unit 1
MOC Unit 2
MOC Unit 3
MOC Unit 4
MOC Unit 5
MOC Unit 6
MOC Unit 7
MOC Review Test
MOC Final Exam
answer sheets
Select from the list in the left column.  Starting with the Table of Contents will give you an idea of the material presented in each unit.

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