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Navy-Marine Corps
Military Auxiliary Radio System

Proudly serving those who serve in the
U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard

Also supporting FEMA, Homeland Security, NOAA, and
local Emergency Management Agencies


Communications Security (COMSEC) video training is now available on the Training Home Page
ACP 127 US SUPP-1(K) Document governing Army MARS' formatting of Exercise Messages.
This Link is also available under the "DOCUMENTS" Section. It's presence on this home page is temporary.
Accessible but Still Under Construction
A new section dedicated to the Phone Patch and Emergency Operations Nets program.
This is the revamping of the former Afloat Net and is headed by John, NNN0TKR/NNN0PPE WA.  It is Revitalized and charged with enthusiastic staff!  Please note, that while this is in transition any reference to "Afloat Net" still existing on the MARS web site is out of date and no longer applicable.  We will proceed to make the changes and remove all the old information as quickly as possible.
 Watch for it!
Especially for Visitors What is MARS, it's mission, membership benefits, and how to join
Read one man's story.  Since the advent of MARS, and especially during the
Vietnam era, many have given their time to aid in passing MARSGRAMS and
making phone patches. 
Send a MARSGRAM A free service for sending messages to and from service
men and women

Other U.S. MARS services: 
     U.S. Army MARS This is new link (April 2013) for Army MARS.

Currently there is no known U.S. Air Force MARS National web site

     U.S.A.F. MARS
has some good info.
Ships and Overseas Units  How to participate in the phone patch and MARSGRAM programs
Homeland Security Home Page

Threat Level color coding is no longer in use

 Updated 20 March 2014

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