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Certain U.S. ships have set up systems to send and receive MARSGRAMS to and from families of personnel aboard by way of electronic 'mailboxes' located throughout the United States. In order to ensure, insofar as possible, the prompt delivery of messages, names of ships active in this endeavor are listed. The list changes periodically as the ships move about the world. MARSGRAMS may also be sent to U.S. Military or U.S. Government personnel and their families in the U.S. or stationed overseas.

1.  If you know the location or address select ship, in US, or outside US from the choices below.

2.  List of US Navy vessels and their home port.  Includes USNS vessels

3.  Information on an alternative to the "Any Servicemember" program.

To send a message, choose one of the items below to bring up the appropriate message form.

Is your message going to someone stationed:

on board a ship ? It must be on the list. Click this link and scroll down to the field, "Ship's Name".  Check the drop down list.  If the name is not listed that ship may not be able to receive MARSGRAMS.
within the U.S. ? i.e., 50 states, DC and Puerto Rico
outside the U.S. ? i.e. shore based with an APO or FPO address (not for Ships)

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